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letra de intermission – xavier sorrow


you’re worth waiting for
i’m so happy to know you as my best friend
count on me girl ’til the end oh we’ll be singing
we’ll be thugging we be laughing you’re the one i love and
if i had one wish i’d wish it all on you
i wish youd feel the way i do
what if you are my only wish
what if i fell for you again
what if i’d wait for you

hey i’m gonna go listen to this outside

yeah no worries

excuse me excuse me excuse me

[em’s voicemail]
hey this is
i have to start off by saying this i
okay remember how we said we would always be honest with each other
well this is me being honest
it’s really hard for me to say this in person so i’m saying this now
i was coming out of a bad bad bad relationship
and you came at the right time in my worst time
you cared for me
you stayed with me
you were perfect to me
i like you so so much i have these deep feelings for you
but they aren’t the feelings that have anything to do with love
i mean i love you but not i’m not in love with you
you deserve better i deserve better
you were never real
and we’re just two waves in different oceans
i’m sorry please don’t call me back