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letra de if you don’t fight you lose – redgum


joe spoke no english, but he had a dream
and he saved up most of his pay
to bring his wife and six kids from lebbanon
and settle down here to stay

you could feel the prison of his loneliness
he wouldn’t see them for years
he kept brandy behind the compressed ai tanks
and he gulped it when the coast was clear

nick the greek collected tropical fish
had to be a character too
he smuggled in piranahs just to break the law
and he fed ’em on kangaroo

bob’s pride was his handlebar moustarche
said he still combed out sand
pushed a tank through the sahara desert
so they made him the leading hand

fred the farmer was heavyweight champ
had hands like a stump-jump plow
he moved the earth with a thrust of his arm
he was loading on the paint line now