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letra de idols – slymeboyzcult


(verse 1: skeep)

shattered idols in the hallways of the temple
pistol to your temple, nothing here is plain and simple
earth was given birth to by a wh-r- who loved to swindle
with the constellations painted on her freckles and her dimples

he had made it to olympus
but they wouldn’t let him in
he was breaking all the rules
they knew they couldn’t let him win
it was hard to wait till heaven for the pleasure to begin
so he lived a life of luxury and regimented sin

king midas i can not even be touched
palms open, hold the earth inside my clutch
hold the sky upon my shoulders
while the vultures peck my guts
i am the one who pushes boulders
when the slope is just too much

kronos slows, promethazine sequences
known for bringing fire to the people like prometheus
so-so dealer of death to those who deserve it
stone cold k!ller of those who are unworthy

(hook: skeep)

thou shalt hold no other gods before me
thou shalt hold no other gods before i
thou shalt hold no other gods before we
unless you’re looking for a short life
thou shalt hold no other gods before me
thou shalt hold no other gods before i
thou shalt hold no other gods before we
a living legend never dies

(verse 2: wastemane)

king tut kv62
sb scribbled on a six foot tomb
east coast valley of the kings that shine
find a midi and mic underneath my shrine

solid gold coffin in my tomb, so chic
solid gold mask cover up gold teeth
homeboy horus with a solid gold beak
turn the gain up all the way i still won’t peak

won’t leak tpab type beat
a frame play time but i’m more type b
there’s too many people out here tryna be like me
b-mping sbc, saying please hype me

up down left right
then i hit em with the mace
going triple one with it
so i hit em with a chase
got laced sh-t chillin in my sp-ceship waiting
i want it up front, you were late on the payment

i don’t need to harm em
find the place of your embalmment
got the f-cking sun inside my hands
but dropped it like it’s hot

cause the weight of the entire world
is carried on my back
i don’t have time to f-ck around
but i got time to face the facts

sbc be gods of art and knowledge
like apollo
i’m a demon call me damon, all these fake homies gon’ follow
pour me up a cup of malt liquor in some plastic
call me morpheus i’m sippin’ on a 40 in my casket


- letras de slymeboyzcult