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letra de i shoulda stayed home – jerry reed


a short while ago i thought that i could never be broke
now i got you on my mind a pack on my back and one smoke
my wife just quit me and your husband’s gonna sue me
but i forget it honey when you ease up to me
home i shoulda stayed home yeah

i shoulda stayed in my room that day you busted into my life
i said goodbye to my home to my kids to myself to my wife
but i don’t care what you might ruin keep on doin’ what you been doin’
home i shoulda stayed home feels so fine yeah
blows my mind every time uhh

now samson napoleon adam and caesar too
well they all got wasted by a fancy woman like you
now woman i would leave you if i could
but your sweet lovin’s so doggone good
home i shoulda stayed home
hey i shoulda stayed home shoulda stayed home yeah
well good golly miss molly you’re so doggone bad
but you’re the finest lovin’ that i ever had yeah