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letra de i’m still bleeding – 40 below summer

i’m still bleeding

where is the reason – where is the hope –
when all your life you’re left hangin from a rope
can i be saved – can i be cut loose –
arms tied to my side swingin from this noose
now it’s getting heavy –
now it’s suffocating –
cauterize my wounds
but i’m still bleeding
i’m still bleeding [x5]
and i pulled you closer for a sense of relief –
i’ve been crucified for all my beliefs
as i take this shotgun and put it in my mouth –
set it to righten my sorrows and blast all the pain out
now it pulls me under –
now the pain it breeds
to st-tch me closed –
but i still bleed
i’m still bleeding [repeat]
open your eyes – lead me inside
and fall on a landslide – inside my hindsight [x2]
i’m still bleeding –
won’t you st-tch me closed – don’t ya know
i’m still bleeding from this open hole [x2]
i’m still bleeding, i’m still bleeding [x4]
st-tch me closed – cuz don’t ya know
i’m still bleeding [x4]
bleeding bleeding bleeding

- letras de 40 below summer