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letra de hunnids – lumex well known


by lumex well known
this here issa g nikka
issa nikka
i need rands a need hunnids
body bag unforbbiden
too sweet i got sugar
big and bigger a need moola
hunnids ×4
hunnids x4
hunnids x4
hunnids x4
i f-ck around to get hunnids
double it to the high rate
hunnids hunnids a got army
fall in any to get hunnids
i and g’s sipping hennies
trippin trippin isn’t a herbit
all ma nikka are antisocial
on a circle are anti-clockwise
running high issa language
i don’t f-ck wth de garbage
am de realist am de illest
illness got reversed
i need alotta racks here
shawty let me be de a1
i got sauce am an idol
gotta get me ina table
i told u i need hunnids
i ain’t scared nikka i need hunnids
ain’t got fear nikka i need hunnids
fast in , i need hunnids