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letra de house – joshua moss


this house is hard without you here
it’s a lot less like home
the little things have disappeared
and the places you? or everywhere
the rooms are cold
the halls are quiet
it’s a lot less like home
i sit upon the roof alone and think of you right here
oh oh oh (3×)
watching films on the couch
is a bit weird with you gone
driving sucks, i never laugh like i did when you were here
it gets so difficult late at night when i can’t see your face
torn not to think about everything that i wish would change
oh oh oh (5×)
and i don’t wanna change a thing about you
i’m just here to grow beside you
i want you to know that
we had to say goodbye this morning
but i’ll be right back into your arms
in a bit my love, yeah yeah
i kept a polaroid of me kissing your cheek
and it was on the dashboard all the way
back to the house that’s hard without you here
back on the phone once again
all the time went so fast
nothing’s the same, but that’s not a burden
because you’re worth all this so much more