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letra de honey come back – ray conniff

[honey, i know i’ve said it too many times before. i
said i’d never say it again. i
guess i shouldn’t say anything at all since you’re
supposed to belong to him. but i
just can’t let you go without telling you just how much
i love you.]

sung-so that is why i’m gonna say it one more time

honey, come back i just can’t stand
each lonely day’s a little bit longer
than the last time i held you
seems like a hundred years ago
back to his arms and never know
the joy of love that used to taste like
honey, come back where you belong to only me.

[well, i guess that’s about all i gotta say. so i’m
just gonna take my bags and i’m
gonna walk. i know those bright lights are callin’ ya,
honey. big fine cars and
fancy clothes. but if you ever want somebody to just
love ya, and some day you
just may, just give me a call-you know where i am.]

sung and here is what i’ll say


- letras de ray conniff