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letra de home – dolly parton


looking out at my window pane
tears lingering with the rain
i’m so lonesome, i could cry
just like old hank

staring down on the city street
feeling empty and incomplete
there’s a place i need to be
to feel my day

a place i can go
where i can be free
where i can be happy and
just be me

home, where the long wind’s blowin’
and the river’s is flowing
run along, like a lazy b-m in
the midnight summer night
run along, fishing with a friend
and a fishing hope
rocking, lay down my heavy load
know that i am always welcomed home

i left home, i was 17
i had a lot of ambitious dreams
seen a lot of those dreams come true
i had good luck

i ain’t complaining, that’s for sure
i got a lot to be thankful of
one of those things is a magic door
that opens up

back to the time when i was a kid
with the sounds of a cricket and (???)