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letra de home – ball in the house

pick up, pick up, pick up
pick up, pick up, pick up
verse 1:
didn’t you care when i told you i would call you up at eight
were you washing your hair when you didn’t pick up
were you laughing when you made me wait
were you out with that guy when you left me pining, staring at the phone
well, don’t come crawlin’ back to me when he drops you like a stone
you shoulda been home, why do i worry like i do
you shoulda been home, why do i waste my time with you
you shoulda been home, i finally caught on to your lies
you shoulda been home, why can’t you look me in the eyes
verse 2:
didn’t you notice all the times that i called you up just to hear your voice
didn’t you realize that i cared so much that i didn’t really have a choice
what about all the times i held your hand and listened to you cry
all the things you don’t say baby, are forcin’ me to say good-bye
i didn’t give up on you, you didn’t give up your love
but now i give up, you’re done we’re through
chorus 2x

- letras de ball in the house