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letra de greatest freestyle of all time – logic


i’m about to give the greatest freestyle of all time. all time in hip-hop history. are y’all ready? i said are y’all ready? greatest freestyle of all time, are y’all ready?

[verse 1]
today i woke up
today i woke up and i put my socks on, yeah!
when i eat my cereal, i don’t use a spoon
cause i’m too ill, yeah my sh-t is too cool
all these other emcees, they just fools

[interlude 1]

here we go, check it out, listen, listen, listen, here we go

[verse 2]
[?] on the side of the road
[?] a baby tomato
[?] he was just too slow
[?] tomato
[?] tomato
squashed him and said ketchup

[interlude 2]
this the last one and i’m done, are you ready?
[?] right now
here we go, here we go

[verse 3]
boom-bam, bam-bop
snip-snap, ba-da-ba-bap!