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letra de goin’ down to mexico – zz top

words and music by billy gibbons, bill ham, dusty hill.
3: 26

i was on my way down to mexico,
there was trouble on the rise.
it was nothing more than i’d left behind,
which was much to my surprise.
i turned around and lit a cigarette
wiped the dust off of my boots.
when up ahead i saw the crowd,
i knew it was no use.

i’ts been the same way for oh so long,
it looks like i’m singing the same old song.

a fine and fancy man was he,
doing good things for the poor.
givin’ rides in his rockin’ eighty-eight for free.
they could not hope for more.
when it came my turn he said to me,
“have i seen your face before?”
i said, “oh no, you must be wrong,
i’m from a distant sh-r-.

so if you don’t mind, i’ll just move along
but it looks like i’m singin’ the same old song.”

a nineteen forty movie star
with a long forgotten name.
she was a s-xy mess in her pleated dress,
still hangin’ on to fame.
with forgotten lines she missed her cue
and left a gl-ss of wine at home.
she was singin’ the same song that i was.
could we both be wrong?

so hand in hand we walked along,
each of us singin’ the same old song

- letras de zz top