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letra de fool – tingsek

[verse 1]
i just can’t shake it, this weight stuck right to my bones
it feels like it’s gonna break me
i’ve tried to fake it but clearly my cover was blown when
i was trying to break free

i just don’t know how to do it no more
(you gotta get rid of that fool)
i know i do
but ah, he’s clinging
(but he’s telling you what you can’t do)
that’s true
[bridge 1]
so f-ck you, i’m gonna do what i wanna do
f-ck you

[verse 2]
facing the wreckage, nothing’s broke, it’s all there
so what was i fighting?
i can’t remember but i feel as light as i feel prepared to put this all down in writing

[bridge 2]
it sure feels better. i might just be on a break through

[chorus 2]
but he’s gonna be back
well i know him to well
(you gotta get rid of that fool!)
oh, well i know i do
i know, i know, i know
but he’s a good guy still
(he’s telling you what you can’t do)
that’s true
well there’s nothing i can do, it’s got value

- letras de tingsek