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letra de fool for the gods – white spirit

answer my questions, give me your reasons
you talk from the heavens, you only deceived us
why was i chosen, there must have been others
i gave all i had, the fruits of my seasons
you gave me a kingdom, i built you a temple
you were exalted, and yet you were feeble
i knelt at your altar, i knelt there before you
i begged you to help us, now i defy you
this kingdom’s deserted the blood of my brothers flows into the river
i asked, i begged you, beseached you, i pleaded to help us
the people believed you, all faith that was in you was worthless
this solitary world was my pain, my anguish, my sadness
where were you, are we fools, are you true?
your statues neglected, no longer respected as sacred
your prophets defy you, the people deny you you’re hated
you lie in your heavens forgotten and yet you’re bewildered
no longer betrothen through questions that you never answered
where were you, are we fools, are you true?
i looked to the mountains, the mists of your heavens surrounded
you called me, i followed, your presence around me was shrouded
your chariots stood proudly, the gates of your heavens were open
i have been used, but i never asked to be chosen
-repeat verse one-

- letras de white spirit