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letra de flesh tools – necro

good turned evil
p.flow (ft.necro and lll bill,uncle howie)
brutality part two

(p.flow) verse 1:
i chock you with a robe
and throw you the ocean
as you die i just laugh ’cause got no f-cking emotions
i know you think am joking
’cause am joker?
but not when i drink a potion
i become a mad doctor.
that burns you in hot water
like cookers do crabs in red lobster.
imagine the pain
the insane
mental m-ssanger with no brain
blood spraiys like rain
like the chainsaw m-ssacker.
sawing true your vains.
creepy noise
i hear voice
killing little kids
by giving candy filled poison
the face color int the same
got a major migrane
i dont feel shame
little girl dies
and i get all the blame.!!!!

chorus x2
i used to be nice
now i kill people!
the life seems like the good turned evil

(necro) verse 2:
your f-cking head splits!
killing little sh-ts
choppin em in to bits
squeezing the b-tchez t-ts
as my d-ck is gushing out with jizz!
peep the whoes on the block
that sucks c-ck
head tiped over licking duty shots!
who do i murder next
chick with broken necks
in a bed having s-x.
as theres feets grooving!
told the dirty sk-nky wh-r- to start moving.

(ill bill) verse 3:
watch your back
my raps are sick like uncle howie on crack!
kid joe and sabac
stabing and popping caps like tupac!
on the center of the block…
sk-nky whoes sucking c-ck
we don’t give a f-ck!
drug abuse and cracky tankys never going to stop.
ill bill the m-ss rapist
god is an atheise!
evin if you like it or hate this.
so let me rape your little boy or girl
ill bill the antomic bomb that exploids the world!

chorus x2
i used to be nice
now i kill people!
the life seems like the good turned evil

(uncle howie) verse 4:
im maybe a crackhead but i could bust jabs
uncle howie the neetle stabing arm stoner from rehab
p.flow comes to rape your b-tch
pimping dirty chicks to get a little rich.
its tropical
uncle howie records and psycho logical!

hahahaahaha! p.flow! necro! ill bill! uncle howie! v.s.p records with psycho logical sh-t!

(sabac red)
the revolution is now!!!! now!!! now!! now! now….

- letras de necro