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letra de finest dope – juan don

smokin’ on the finest dope
rappin’ dope what that mean
i’m doper than these rappers
that ain’t f-ckin with my dopamine
keep it clean
keep it mean
flow is dope as gasoline
i push the envelope
to see the radio
bust ya cantaloupe
just to see my family grow
run it like a antelope
look into ya telescope
this another episode
juan astronomical
feel it like stethoscope
like you off that methadone
roll this music i can smoke
yall n-gg-s can’t burn me out
i’m ashamed you would doubt
everything that i did
n-gg- went all out
cuz you know what i’m about
had to take this route
an survive this drought
roll a joint an let the sh-t burn
don’t mind me n-gg- wait your turn
everything i know had to learn
everything i got had to earn
more an more dope
funny how i’m talking bout the sh-t i wrote
same time talking bout the sh-t i smoke
so much n-gg- you gone f-cking choke
this sh-t is not a f-cking joke
i be giving up all my f-cking hope
cuz a n-gg- don’t wanna go broke no mo
young n-gg- young n-gg- move dope

- letras de juan don