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letra de figured you were – rogue radio

an eye to eye from a distance
over the cobblestones
left us wondering about each other

we read the paper, saw a picture
about a world we’ve known
to be absurd
we had less doubts

it could have been you, you, you
were we to meet at another day
way, life, time, place
never say… twice

an eye to eye a bit closer now
is it the sun you see?
here comes the sun
the park of love

some resemblance
someone you knew back when you were asking the way
looks the same
a bit more tired

i really got on line for this
would you process the investigation?
i’d let it all hang out
if i could

figured you were dead, g-y, gone
been done, been made, have everything!
it started as a joke
for all we knew

- letras de rogue radio