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letra de fax machine anthem (dizzee rascal remix) – beck

looking for my place on -ssembly lines
fake prizes rising out of the bomb holes
skeleton boys hyped up in purple
smoke rings blow from across the disco
bank notes, burn like broken equipment
looking for shelter via juxtaposition
thought control, those written confessions
two dimensions, dumb your head down
duck, don’t look now, company missiles
power is raunchy when the cops are watching
make your dreams out of paper mache
clinched wasted hate taste-tested

h-ll yes, now i’m moving this way, i’m doing this thing
(please enjoy)
h-ll yes, now i’m turning it on, i’m working my legs
h-ll yes, now i’m calling you out, i’m switching my plates
(please enjoy)
h-ll yes now i’m cleaning the floor, my beat is correct

stretched to the limit, attention spared
snap back the track, collapsin’ the laugh tracks
noise response, applause and handclaps
floodgates open to the sound of the rainbow
makin’ points on the verge of pointless
fools anointed to the follower’s fanfare
look for the common, not superficial

code red cola? war conformity crisis
perfunctory idols rewriting their bibles
with magic markers running out of their ink
lives and white out, turn the lights out
fax machine anthems

- letras de beck