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letra de fantastic disaster – sebadoh

this or that or what you will
it’s all the same to me
there’s danger almost everywhere
as far as i can see
careen them, maybe, if you can
charm my troubled soul

the farther i go,
the worse i get
electric current, arms outstretched
i may be hostile, sick with rhyme
smear it all over, time is on my side

there’s the funny plants, my dear
go pull one in the root
you’ll find, if i’m not at fault
a lucky rabbit’s foot
deal me insincerity, clairvoyance not an act

if there’s any concern my nerves to soothe
but my face would never fuse in to be with you
i’m entertaining on the street, 12 degrees
to sweet college girls and friends with fleas

dreaming our direction, crazy
some real-life stories go
await sweet, crazed adventure
i want someone to know
it’s scary how i view my life a book,
yet written and unsigned
a violent piece of addict prose
i live on borrowed time

i was always a terror
i need to be held

ammunition cynical, d-mn all memory
shot gl-ss h-ts the wall
tiny victory

- letras de sebadoh