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letra de eyes of the world – dillon cooper

[verse 1: dillon cooper]
uh, certified legend
bow to the god when he step into your presence
premonitions i be getting make a n-gg- see the future
off with their heads, king cooper, huh
oh lawd i’m a shadowcaster
getting b-tches wet when i play that guitar
axl rose. my guns is black, ?
i don’t trust none of them n-gg-s
cause when the time is right they show their colors my n-gg-
thats why im catching out ?
east side we fly, high grade, a+ in the jeep far, beast coast
n-gg-s taking your b-tch like a stolen rover
getting brain at a lot at rolling roaster
so you wanna get high?
elevate and levitate into the sky
you realize like we speak truth
samurai mindstate we see you
so blind like the beegees, never gonna be me
weed in my lungs pump it out like a chimney
bow to the master, listen to the teacher

[verse 2: azizi gibson]
i roll a hundred blunts for my k!llers
then i roll two blunts for my chick
cause she don’t really smoke that much
she be coughing all just with one little hit
i said as much as it makes you feels sideways
smoking up like every day is friday
rolling up while i’m smoking i ain’t even leave my f-cking driveway
flicking joints while i’m on the highway
i just want it my way
all of my people be blunted, step in this b-tch know we smell funky
all of your people be on me, so back up for we start dabbing n-gg- whut
im alive why of the blunt hope you not a b-m cause we finna tear this sh-t up
20 grams thats 10 blunts, n-gg- light it up when the cops lookin i don’t give a f-ck
all these girls ? keep rolling up she a champ d-mn give that girl a belt
i don’t never need no help, i smoke all day young n-gg- take that myself
my time invested in a uzi, n-gg- feeling free like boosie
bullets getting high, get coochie, ? and i’m guccie unless that -ss some boujee
welcome to the eyes of the world
f-ck that, n-gg-s got eyes on your girl
we gone run the world, zone 3, brooklyn, thailand
you f-ckn-gg-s really got some nerves
knocking on the door when you see do not disturb
everything i get it imma swerve
if you ain’t know, sh-t you gonna learn

[verse 3: denzel curry]

- letras de dillon cooper