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letra de evil shit – necro

evil sh-t

[verse 1 (necro)]
this be some evil sh-t to enspire you to start a fire
there’s something illegal only thing you require is a wire
to strangle someone let out your anger some building up
you’re filled up with pain and anguish kid do you understand my insane language
of senseless violent psychology
apprentices of sickness learning the art of whiling and robbery
with demented instincts
cemented in your mental is the acceptional fact
that feeling sentimental for humans is detrimental
i’m experimental in the ways of murdering you
herbs and t-rds with absurd words and verbs
would you have preferred being alerted to a crucifiction
scenario where you’re eaten by birds
the imprecerial lude conviction describing rude descriptions
prescribing murder through scribes that desecrate the bibles lies
maggots crawling on this page as i write this rap
it’s amazing appauling i think satan’s calling i might snap

rap stab flesh jooks quick then grab your neck
bludgeon you bl–dy buddy you stupid what’s after death
psycho+logical with the demonic pull
reeling you into sin peeling your skin like a psychotic bull(2x)

[verse 2 (necro)]
god won’t protect your existence so i don’t respect your religion
visually you’ll be f-cked a pidgeon will be disected by traffic
graphic violence the science of a bloodbath is mathematic
multiplying of catastrophic dying on vinyl plastic
or a cd master you can’t answer
whether i’m making sense or not or imitating manson
preaching the end of god in my mantra enter the pod
take a trip into the nucleus of gore where the center is scarred
you’ll catch a barbarian beating by convicted thugs
left in a sanitarium eating prescription drugs
force me to brutalize you demonstrate for you
how i utilize a butcherknife to computerize your flesh pixelize you
triple six degrade you you can’t quarantine
therapeutic thorazine forever putrid horror scenes
that’s sick heavily secluded in the origin
of your cerebrum deep rooted info for the coroner team


by t i a g u l

- letras de necro