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letra de emotional translation – tingsek

[verse 1]
i don’t know what to say
no, there is nothing there today
my head is stuck and i can’t get it out
i don’t know what to do but i really don’t care, do you?
i’ll ride it out like a million times before

[hook 1]
i’m good
now, i am not to feel like this no more
i’m good
‘cause you wash it off and open up that door
[verse 2]
all i need to hear
your voice and i’m clear
from thoughts that go down, down, down
they happen to meet down there, and then they’re everywhere
then you show and they drown, drown, drown

[hook 2]
my love
everything within uncurl
my love
the sweetest, most beautiful girl in the world

[hook 3]
this is the sound it makes, this is how i feel
this is my love and it’s real
oh, my love

- letras de tingsek