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letra de dose – kill the man who questions

there’s a sickness in the cl-ss room and teacher’s pleased with the infection. hand a shiny apple over to the new face of discipline–to medicate and control. what’s lost in terms of creativity is a price gladly sacrificed for a drooling obediance and a system of raised hands and single file lines in the best of the cl-ss this year. instant relief is an instant excuse with no problems solved but the subject subdued. frantic parents with trembling hands will grasp at whatever random solutions are offered presenting an easy and cost efficient solution to the many inconveniences of the unhappy child.
and while a nervous calm hangs with all the integrity of a frayed thread, at least this way a solution has been found and the neighbors won’t talk. pushed as a dose, the priority is parent’s convenience and not child’s pain. there s no easy solutions for what’s not manufactured or sold on the shelves. now it’s on your tongue, controlling thoughts under the guise of your health. if they gave you something would you take it? when they give you something will you take a dose?

- letras de kill the man who questions