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letra de don’t say you’re sorry – ball in the house

verse 1:
how many times must we come to the edge
how many times must we wander
what we can? t face, do the answers lie behind our lies
what will it take? cause it seems to me we? re falling
out from the world that we knew so well so long
i? m crying everyday, we? re falling
out from the love that was supposed to be growing strong
don? t say you? re sorry, we? ve got nothing to hide
don? t try to deny what you feel inside
don? t say you? re sorry, just live and let live
we can? t go on in this lie, there? s nothing to forgive
verse 2:
when do you know when you? ve come to the end
when do you know that it? s over
how can we grow when we? re holding to a faerie tale
how can we go? cause it seems to me we? ve fallen
there are no good-byes and no regrets
and there is nothing left to say
and girl i know, i know it? s for the best
if we just turn and walk away

- letras de ball in the house