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letra de do they ever sing – autumn tears

[child: ] do the children ever sing?
[the beautiful: ] alas, they do not sing but songs of woe and remembrance
[child: ] do the children ever dance?
[the beautiful: ] alas, they can dance no more
[child: ] do the children ever laugh?
[the beautiful: ] alas, their laughter can be heard no longer
[child: ] do the children ever play?
[the beautiful: ] alas, their days of playing have long since ended.
[child: ] do the children ever sleep?
[the beautiful: ] alas, the children cannot sleep, they can only dream
[child: ] do the children ever cry?
[the beautiful: ] alas, i do regret, they forever cry tears of sadness
[child: ] do the children ever love?
[the beautiful: ] alas, they can love no more
[child: ] do you love the children?
[the beautiful: ] i love all of my children, yet i fear they cannot love me
[child: ] do you love me?
[the beautiful: ] i shall love thee forever, my dearest one
sleep now, as we enter this endless memory together
and see thy death awakened, all in a moment…

- letras de autumn tears