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letra de cocaine dumptruck – necro

this is my corel presnetation
on drug elimination
its going out to nations
like columbia and chile
they send that sh-t to philly
make my brain go illy, ya’ll

i hop in my dumptruck (dumptruck!)
playas want to b-ttf-ck (b-ttf-ck!)
if the red river flows (b-ttf-ck!)
take that cocaine road my niiaaa (dumptruck!)

we call that sh-t blow
and like a gay h-m-
sh-t’ll take you to the disco
it gives my flows go
so when i dive into a show
lyrics evasive like your ho


f-ck the south, this is dirty north
when i first tried c-ke
i tried s-x
with what i thought was a horse
see the keys to my porche?
donkies are all about that sh-t

[chorus]: x2

- letras de necro