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letra de blind – perspectives

blinded in the dark sting in his heart to slow to grasp cupid’s arrow and the poison. a trap for love to fall in in the darkness saw a way out skin paler than the snow still warmer than his home. hands covered in silk, hiding the pain that she feels. his l-st ate through her shield, mistakes of the past makes love’s paths rough
left in the dark writing what he did on his arms from where he wore his heart wrist poisoned from the start. memories from your head forgotten poems said past lives you have lead. words whispered but never meant a silhouette can still be ignorant. a skin so thick can’t break the chip on your shoulder, hidden by your lips
you still speak with ice
freeze yourself in time
you cannot rewind
leave the past behind
hope that love is blind
hope that it finds, you one day so that you can call it mine
the nights grow cold and young lovers hold onto what they have more tightly than in the past. but you always f-ck it up like a junkie of every drug, who doesn’t know what he wants. like a three headed dog who’s gotten lost. remembering when he fell picturing that dark h-ll caused by cupids bow

just another snake with a thousand faces. just another snake with the truth to waste. and love to hate a queen of aces
scream until you feel

“i can’t say a hard life; i hold a knife in my lungs to fight. i can’t see the light. darkness my only tie, darkness my might. blind to the waves of time. i can’t say a hard life, but childhood strife, made it hard to choose my paths right. forced me into those traps, a prolonged relapse. i’ve seen the truth people can’t change, even the old and lame.”

- letras de perspectives