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letra de beyond the sky – akphaezya

because i understand what the word “son” means,
as father, priest, i love you so,
but i can not lie to my feelings
and many are made of sorrow

i have a home, a name, even a fate
but i’m not sure where my place is.
sometimes i remember no home, no name, no fate
i only feel a heart full of empty sp-ces.

how can i fly if my roots are only lies ?
you tell me that rooted men
are those who never fly beyond the sky

beyond the sky, beyond the lies

because i understand what the word “son” means,
there is a mother i dream of now.
and i ignore what i can feel
when i touch her shadow

what mean my dreams ?
flying away out of the world

my dreams flew away

who am i ?
tell me the truth !
stop the lie !
where shall i go with all the things
that you want me to know ?
you say nothing (x2)
leave me alone
i am not you son !

- letras de akphaezya