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letra de battle of the cum sluts – necro

i be that insane white boy, stabbin ya girl like a s-x toy
her tw-t smells like rotten stank-a-lot, her p-ssy residue isnt new
my c-ck mixes her up like stew
don’t drink the brew, i got hiv, syphillis an drinkin malt liqour an mountain dew

its the battle of c-m sl-ts
all you sl-ts that like my nuts in ya b-tts
each hoe remains the same, the age keeps from 12- 67 years range
it’s the the battle of c-m sl-ts, battle of c-msl-ts

dj thuggalot
-progressive b-ss scratch

this is for the c-m sl-ts
new york c-msl-ts
your filty like chinamans daughter
to bad my rhymes butcher an slaughter

2004, f-ck g unit

- letras de necro