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letra de back dirt road – oh susanna

on a back dirt road took a joy ride
fourteen years old, man, did we fly.
how we laughed until we cried ’cause
we knew in our hearts we were free.
we took a freight train south down that sh-r-line,
hearts in our and bodies entwined,
i was yours and you were all mine and i
thought that’s where i’d always be.

chorus: cowboys high on our horses,
running wild through the forest
our whole lives lay before us;
you and me, we were free.
oh hold it close, please remember
to believe in our thunder
don’t let them steal it out from under
the place in your heart where you’re free.
on the back dirt road i will see you,
your laughin’ eyes shining sky blue,
all i will know you remain true ’cause
you know in your heart you are free.
oh my friend it’s been forever,
miles apart but always together
until the end i will remember ’cause
you know that’s where i’ll always be.

- letras de oh susanna