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letra de avalanche – kill the romance

ladies and gentlemen
we have a fight
yet there might be a slight
chance that it won’t continue
or not

i was there, i really was
or was it just a blow and i,
i am insane
oh i don’t think i care about
myself any more
so was it all the same
what i have done
what i have said

you will spread your wings
and you will hide
and i am left behind
the shade, myself and i
it is the only part of me
who i am to you
the part i feel
i’ve had before

i’ve faced the invincible

wait – the crush
intended was weaker
than the day before
wait – are you the
end of the world
like the day before

you’re always right
it’s your never-ending
i know my part:
to be under your
oh no! i know…

well, it has become
the time to say my mind
i do have my own thoughts
you know, i really do but
i guess i should
have known better
oh well, me and i
that before the calm there
is a chance of storm

from that icy world of yours
come descend among
us mortals
(i believe) i’m in affair with
the devil
she is cruel, malicious
yet beautiful

the fight is almost over now
guess who is winning
here is a clue:
satan seldom admits
she is wrong

why are we in your h-ll
we could use mine as well
some day you know i might
even try to disappear

- letras de kill the romance