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letra de are we a thing? – titus


a cold-stone throw from your sweet spot
your heart too cold to love anybody else
you should know i’m not just “anybody else”
i’m the one you call when your plans get canceled

and you wanna go phantom (go ghost)
i pull up in the sp-ceship // land outstanding
i never leave your -ss out standing
imma need a dance for this ransom, yeah

i really wanna love somebody
i really wanna need somebody
i really wanna love somebody
tell me, are we a thing?

girl i need some time
can i get some time with you
are we wasting time?
tell me, are we a thing?
baby oh my-my
i got a real-ting vibe with you
and i know you fine
tell me, are we a thing?

(verse 2)

girl in my eyes you the baddest
reason why i love you
you don’t like me cause my fashion
g-star raw when i pull up in that action
and when we on the –
if i miss the last train back that’d be tragic
imma hit that uber even when the surge maxin’
you be on my snapchat story tryna’ track it
imma send that “where you at” text
when i know where you at
imma tell you “throw it back.”
while you throwin’ it back
you know me. (yeah)
i be trippin when the drink start hitting, low key
yeah yeah
what you think?
what you think, baby are we a thing?


(verse 3)

i been up five whole days thinkin’ loud
thinkin’ bout, when i’m up
you hold me down, when i’m down (yeah yeah)
press you body up against mine girl
i wanna rock one time i’m talkin about you –
and me on a new-ting vibe i
gotta see you shake both sides (yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)
you so fine senorita
even when you go to roll weed up
ain’t another n-gg- out there who could treat ya
the way that i treat you baby
february on that 503
when they asked what we was and you lied for me
i mean, look

i always had this p-ssion for action
before i crash, gotta hit that -ss from the back-end


- letras de titus