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letra de appalachian memories – dolly parton


you oughta go north somebody told us cause the air is filled with gold dust
and fortune falls like snowflakes in your hands
now i don’t recall you said it but we’d lived so long on credit
and so we headed out to find our promised land

just poor apalachian farm folks with nothing more than high hopes
we hitched our station wagon to a star
but our dreams all fell in on us cause there was no land of promise
and it’s a struggle keepin’ sight of who you are

oh and these northern nights are dreary and my southern heart is weary
i wonder how the old folks are back home
but i’ll keep leanin’ on sweet jesus i know he’ll love and guide and lead us
appalachian memories keep me strong

you know i’ve been thinking a whole lot lately about what’s been and what awaits me
it takes all i’ve got to give what life demands
you go insane if you give into it life’s a mill and i’ve been through it
i’m just thankful i’m creative with my hands

oh and these northern nights are dreary…