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letra de all the little things – one step away

it started off with a friendly smile
we hit if off from there
i’ve gone a thousand miles
now you’re nowhere

i’m still back at home
in bed thinking about you
you’re in london or rome
am i’m still blue

all the little things mean the most
the smell of your hair or the songs that i wrote
all the little things i think about at night
these things i’ll savor for a lifetime

your string still hangs on my wall
next to my head at night
out the window i call
but you’re no where in sight

and now it all makes sense
that maybe just maybe
you will always be that person
who makes me crazy


long summer walks
nights kissing in the snow
your pure green eyes
your sweet h-llos
our favorite song
your picture in the frame
these little things
all mean the same


- letras de one step away