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letra de 12 king pimp commandments – necro

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11. the 12 king pimp commandments!

it’s pimp gator
peep the ?

a king pimp’s been here for years representin’
there’s rules to this sh-t i’ll break down a lesson
step by step
like a booklet for you to sweat
and try to apply
to make yourself fly
no. 1: must be strong in mind and spirit
when idiots talk inferior sh-t
brush it off when you hear it
never fear it
don’t put a knife to a broad
cause the p-n-s is mightier than the sword
peep the metaphor
you’ll find more
cats invaded your crib with nickel-plated
38’s imitatin’ satan you wouldn’t be intimidated
you must play past the devils trickery
prison, liquor and hits of e
nicotine and chicks with v.d.
no. 2: must control seven or eight c-nts at once
a freak for each day of the week, the eight is a lottery stunt
must handle them with cleverness, kindness, shrewdness
intelligence but never with an iron-fist
no. 3: only f-ck with a b-tch when you’re both clickin’
sparrows don’t fly with eagle, peac-cks can’t strut with chickens
4: must withstand all criticism
cause a man whose wife is gettin’ pimped doesn’t understand her sippin’
it’s a profitable business to rationalize into cynicism
that it’s wrong but it isn’t
no. 5: never let a female be equal with you
equal right’s a fantasy it will come back to normal soon
refuse to have oral-s-x with your woman unless you choose
do not accept: if you do me, i’ll do you
she was put on earth to serve men
she may enjoy a c-ntlick, but deep down she’ll loose respect for you then
only animals you see lickin’ s-x organs are dogs and cats
females know

- letras de necro