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letra de ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ (shrug) - cxrpse


ain’t n0body feeling me
i got too much responsibility
my life sucks, i wanna feel the breeze
i wanna live in nature, i wanna feel the trees
but i’m surrounded by the cities and my life was so sh-tty
i’m wishing i was still a baby chilling and sucking on titties
internally i’m feeling ugly but she calling me pretty
and i don’t have the time to talk to people i be too busy

it’s like every day something coming up, i’m f-cked
can’t enjoy my own time cause i’m stressed about a buck
the most money that i ever had but feel like giving up
put a gun to my head and
blast it, they wondering what happened
my brain is split in fragments, i’ve had it, d-mn
wish i was being dramatic i think my head out of practice
thoughts loud like a black b-tch
i might as well keep rapping and passing the blunt
ash it, i lay back on the mattress
and shut my eyes and it’s black
up in my head i hear static
get up and i’m thirsty
i grab a glass and i smash it
it hit the wall god dammit
and now everything come crashing

down on my head
had to struggle had to move around for the bread
i feel like a dog in the pound off the meds
the f-ck am i talking about?

n0body lets the beat ride out so i’ma just let the beat ride out i’m done talking