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letra de get it how you live - twista


double s, never less baby
twista and scott storch in a dropped porsche
that new sh-t, check it out

[chorus: 2x]
my neck on bling, cris on chill
standing on the corner steady, trying to make a mill
when it come to hustling, got to get it how you live
and i’m on the come up, so motherf-ck how you feel

[verse one]
my fingers on frost, ears on froze
hanging at the club while hoes slide down the pole
rolling with the gs and the foes and the souls
with two b-tches on my arms, sporting thousand dollar clothes
looking kind of stunning, so the cameras on flick
ain’t no motherf-ckers out here that can do it like this
on top of my game, and when a hater’s all fall
imma be smiling, revealing my grill from paul wall
shake it for me b-tch, let me see you get loose
let me see you sipping on some sh-t that’s 80 proof
let me see if imma let you get up in the ‘lac
bend over so i can see how imma hit it from the back
i hustle wit the rhymes, but i’m better wit the keys
and i’m clubbin’ wit the pees, i get cheddar wit the fees
i’m always on the hustle, so don’t ask why i succeed
i got flows, i got dro, i got whatever u need

[chorus: 2x]

[verse two]
tires on shine, rims on gloss
when it come to mobbing, imma motherf-cking boss
i stay making paper, behind the mic and on the tipping
i ain’t stingy wit the dust, the whole crew ride slick
think you sh-tting on the n-gg- t, i doubt that
my flow will make your booty move, like a house track
have ’em at the party screaming, “get the doe”, “get the doe”
and if i ever go broke, i guarantee to bounce back
if beats was like a tipper, then my flow would play the cane
got sh-t to make you float off the floor, like david blaine
you rich because i spit it universal to the drums
and i circle with some guns, blow out purple out my lungs
i pimp and f-ck a b-tch, i don’t need to buy her ‘lacs
i be on the move, staying paid pushing cadillacs
investing in my raps, if i don’t make a quarter back
i throw eight b-lls to my homies, on the corners like quarterbacks

[chorus: 2x]

[chorus2: 2x]
let me break your back shawty, show me what u got shawty
we some motherf-king killers, chicago made n-gg-z making figures

[verse three]
teeth on bling, rolly on flick
standing on the stage while i’m holding on my d-ck
bout to spit a new verse off out the mobstaz new sh-t
holla walla pop the colla on my new outfit
if you want war, you think you got rounds to come get me
i think you better go smoke a whole pound of that sticky
keep on talking that you’re not hate around your committee
imma dodge that n-gg- that put it down for the city

[chorus: 4x]

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