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bill collector vs. danny myers - the battle academy


[round 1: danny myers]
you look like you come from a broken home
made a whole career off of jokes alone
dear battle rap, this the n-gga they give you when you choke on nome
you been selling shoes out the back of ya f-ckin’ car, you lost faith in ya rappin’ sk!lls
you’re subconsciously telling yourself that punch f-cked up ya soul (sole) and you haven’t healed (heeled)
what happened bill?
you was top of yo’ pg class, that’s why we rocked with you
you were the embodiment of what a complete battle rapper constitutes
jumped from league to league, team to team, became a battle rap prostitute
from norristown, not quite philly, but close enough, so they adopted you
i’ll show you what a glock’ll do
but i’ll put the weapon down, ‘cause this type of beef you can’t reconcile
b-tch i’ll drag you from the back of a truck, i go the extra mile
we got separate style
y’all got danny myers versus battle rap’s marlon wayans
are y’all insane? i don’t rock with ya crude plans
you’ll be running from pops at the newsstand
you’ll see a sub come out the window, who stopped at the food van?
you mr. popular cool man
the funny guy? i gotta show ’em
only thing i made crack up was the rock when it locked into solid form
he want smoke then it i got it for him, up close the hawk is dumpin’
when you see me raise hands in front of a collector i’m tryna auction something
my n-ggas doing bids, imagine this is what life is
fashion a shiv with the knife grip with the same sh-t that you write with
or get hit with the ice pick
i got the keys to ya nice whip, ya wife crib, ya ice drip
everything you fiend for in the palm of my hand, it’s a vice grip
alright b-tch, you done f-cked with myers enough
this gun will tat the whole stomach of the collectors like shia labeouf
but he still talkin’, gun in his face, .9 in the clutch
i don’t normally cut n-ggas off, but iron erupt (i interrupt)
i lie in the cut, big knife, chin slice, his wind pipe flowing
switch types, fist fight, then a big right soaring
knock him in to the parallel universe, where i got no kids…the sh-t’s quite boring
then i beat this p-ssy to death, and the judge give me 10 life’s for him
bar god!
but i’ll go a different route, i’ll hire a sniper to sniff him out
i wired the money, and said, “make sure you split his scalp.”
he called me and said, “you ain’t send me his picture, how i’m supposed to get him now?”
i said, “it’s the tall n-gga with the afro”, then he picked him out
split his temple, we ain’t gone get him when he in his rental
soon as he walk in the hotel lobby, a hundred come out; that’s for incidentals
this sh-t is mental, you ain’t got the pen to get nothing off
it’s just like fighting, you tall n-ggas gotta reach to get a punch across
you f-ckin’ soft, n-ggas gave me bricks on consignment, you ain’t half way liver
n-ggas trusted me with their ki’s (keys) like a valet driver
i park n-ggas when the mac spray lava
then put the pole to ya b-tch and ballet slide her
you gone hit me with the super duper scope?
nice gesture
this sh-t’ll knock you 18 miles from philly, like chester
pipe stretch ya, i walk in with the long tool
two bald heads give him a million dollars worth of game from a barstool
bars fool, with mo’ sh-lls heat rise
my bro couldn’t get bond after the murder, we call it a no bail piece (n0bel peace) prize
i had a cousin named, “flea”, he was the leader of his block gang
n-ggas would fly from all over for his recipe of his rock ‘cane
do you believe in a parallel universe?
(i do!)
he found out his homie was snitching and let the glock bang
but soon as he found out his phone was bugged, is when the swat came
plot change, this was supposed to be reed to step r-t-rded
i ain’t give a f-ck who it was, it’s gone be a death regardless
i know i was gone catch a body in front of all these witnesses, soon as i connect the cartridge
so when stizz gave me that “collect call”, i knew i would accept the charges
i left a carcass
and you on the ground with this sh-t
thank the lord he don’t got another round of this sh-t



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