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you ain't fly - t.i


[message to the gangsta’s:]
ay man, it a lot of cats out here man,
these cats imposters man, these cats impersonating
ballers man, i’m telling you man,
these n-gg- really broke out here on the low,
you do not have to lie to kick it man, i swear man. hey…

[chorus: t.i.]
…ya lyin’ bout that dough you say you got,
you aint fly
wit them cloudy -ss rocks in ya watch,
you aint fly
see, you imitatin’ cats who really hot but,
you aint fly
man, you n-gg-s need to stop you know you barely getting by
you aint fly

ya lyin’ bout that dough you say you getting’
you aint fly
in you monkey suits, swearin that you pimpin’
you aint fly
seriously pimpin’, stop your bullsh-tin’
you aint fly
out here flexin’ for them b-tches when you barely getting by

[verse 1: t.i.]
i hate to see a n-gg- on some dummy sh-t,
talking big money sh-t,
livin’ wit his mom, swear god that he runnin’ sh-t,
hey listen, i aint the one you wanna talk money wit,
cause i run through and look at you like, “where the money at?”
you ought be ashamed of you chain, i’m makin’ fun of that,
charm flickin’ from time to time tryin to shine,
my sh-t up under my shirt and you admirin’ mine,
whoever told you that bullsh-t, will fly you a line,
i got a watch wit no diamonds,
cost twice as much as that bullsh-t you wear when you
call yourself shining,
and your ring, “boy stop it”,
you need to take that neck bullsh-t chain and put them both in your pocket.


[verse 2: t.i.]
ha, these n-gg-s tickle me,
“why the gotta kick it like they rich, to me?”
i been doin’ this since i was six, so this aint sh-t to me,
man, i been fly since junior high and elementary,
my uncles raised a g,
but my daddy made a pimp of me,
i never been a wannabe,
i’m everything you wannabe,
as long as b-tches lookin,
i’mma give ’em what they wanna see,
your outfit cost less than my underclothes,
ya ride aint sh-t man, i put my b-tch in one of those,
my rides ridiculous, five and sixes,
had the rolls royce, til i decided to switch it,
now i’m in the maybach,
notice mines extended,
feet kicked up, curtains closed, mind your business n-gg-.

[chorus x2]