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peanut butter jelly - t.i.


[bridge: young thug]
peanut b-tter jelly, peanut b-tter jelly
peanut b-tter jelly, peanut b-tter jelly
peanut b-tter jelly, no deli
i got money, check the store credit
no new names unless you know they did it
sleep in paris, watch it happen

[hook: young thug]
i don’t have a break, i’m keepin’ bread
i’m gettin’ fast like a track, mil i want that
baby that cap’s for the feds
now that your ho, don’t tell all the secrets
i don’t give no d-mn bout no n-gg-
i don’t give no f-ck bout no n-gg-, i promise, i promise
i throw me some ones on these b-tches
i stack them hundreds to the ceiling, they over there runnin’
i look like i came from nothin’
and i look like i came for somethin’ and i’m comin’, i want it
yeah, i drink on that lean
and i smoke on that dope til i motherf-ckin’ vomit

[verse 1: t.i.]
run up that check, give a f-ck bout that sh-t
i guess i go to jail if i want that lil b-tch
they kept me with my strap on my own, that lil b-tch
i don’t answer no questions, want speak with my lawyer
tell your boss i said where my phone call, that’s it
a lot of n-gg- sh-t, talkin’ you don’t ever get paid
remember me, i’ve been bout it, dealin’ out the 10th grade
ridin’ round in my homeboy buick
with a tool in the unit
we’d go to school, eat lunch
cut school, get back to it, n-gg-
listen n-gg-, this the bankroll mob
if you can’t go hard then you can’t come here
let me make somethin’ clear
if you lookin’ for a sucker well it ain’t none here
look we got artillery for days, we can spray from here
hit your -ss on the side of the face somewhere
on the side of the road, let you lay somewhere

[hook: young thug]

[verse 2: young dro]
okay, big paper
if i’m hungry, i eat 100 dollars then sh-t paper
sick flavor
got the white double mint twin with me on simpson, (?)
swag impeccable, peckin’ a heck of them, cases federal
i’m a felon, don’t throw it off, i need medical
oh you regular, terrible, soft, and lame, etcetera
and i don’t want one ho n-gg-, i wanna a plethora
twenty bricks in the regal
pullin’ up at the ridge, extended heater
death threat, i got this sh-t on
i’m untouchable man i got this sh-t on
n-gg- you die soon as i say okay
my whip? that’s strawberry yoplait
i got a chopper on the charger
you put a little gas in it, that motherf-cker blow about 4 days
n-gg-s broke
and i’ve been leanin’ on ac’ all in this b-tch
and i’ve been smokin’ on gas all in this b-tch
pullin’ up at the light no tag on my sh-t
ak hit everybody in the stomach, p-ssy n-gg- sh-t
bag all day

[hook: young thug]

[verse 3: mpa duke]
i got the bread
ya’ll b-tch’ll give me the head
f-ck her on the sofa, not the bed
hit that lil b-tch from the back
and i take out with your pack
and i’m not givin’ it back
i done lost all my respect
don’t drink no red, we pour act
sippin’ on lean, it’s so crazy
i ride out that second, i swear i don’t know how to act

[verse 4: young thug]
keep it goin’ energizer bunny, i’m so-so with these carrots
my b-tch the baddest, but she not your average
she so, so arrogant, woah
her t-tties calcium, my booty calories
and both of ’em squish me, god d-mn we savages
i do this sh-t for my momma
take off with your pack and keep runnin’
i’m not the birdman but i’m stunnin’
i flip that b-tch like a omelet
i’ve been with ya from the start
i did that sh-t from my heart
i’m so so so sorry i hurt you
and i see the scar but you know i’m worked hard

[bridge: young thug]

[hook: young thug]