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chillin with my b**** - (featuring jazze pha) - t.i.


dig pimp… i’ma holla at y’all in a minute, i’m finna go change clothes mayne
go get real spiffy mayne, go kick it with my broad, i’ma holla atchall later..

[verse 1]
i left the kids at the crib, and the squad in the trap
now i’m in the two-seater with my broad in my lap
the alpines beatin’, but i’m far away from rappin’
bumpin’ prince, sade, or some marvin gaye perhaps, i
put up my blues, put on some tailor made slacks
some wing tip shoes, whachu know about that?
b-tton down, cufflinks, hair cut, no hat
just felt like gettin’ clean and show i know how to act
at neiman & marcus let my girl blow three or four stacks
gotta forever to cut the food, and d-mn i’m relaxed
in a real cool mood, no beef, no gats
but then real close by, n-gg-z better know that

(chorus) [jazze pha]
i ain’t hangin’ with my n-gg-z, pullin’ no triggaz
i’ll be back to the trap, but for now
i’m chillin’ with my b-tch today, i’m chillin’ with my b-tch today
i ain’t hangin’ with my potnaz, i’m out eatin’ lobster
i’m on some grown man sh-t, ya dig
i’m chillin’ with my b-tch today, i’m chillin’ with my b-tch today

[verse 2]
this sh-t look hard, no drama from none of my baby mama’s
with my hottie, takin’ shots of ??? in the hummer
known to kick it like we riches, got richie and madonna
or either will and jada, on vacation for the summer
me and my lil’ mama, blowin’ big as we wanna
gotta big sack of some of that sh-t from california
a bottle of patron and a six pack of corona
dro aroma got the six hot steamin’ like a sauna
so i let the top back and i bend anotha corner
check into the w, so i can put it on her
got the suite for a week, but we can stay a lil’ longer
i ain’t trippin’, that’s the sh-t that make relationships stronger

[chorus] – repeat

tonight i’m gon chill with my lady friend
she the type to keep a n-gg- open
i’m chillin’ with my b-tch today

(verse 3)
i left the stress in the streets and i’m a long way from home
put up the vest and the chrome, even through with my phone
my potnaz don’t wanna be on the sh-t that i’m on mayne
livin’ life and kickin’ it like a grown man
sittin’ in the sand, drinkin’ pina coladas
with a double shot of rum, just chillin’ right by the water
no judges, no lawyers, in a whole ‘nother world
just a bottle and this zo. dro, blowin’ with my girl

[chorus] – repeat

repeat [hook]