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triple tap - ssj daki


[verse 1]
i been in my element, i feel like i’m aang
nagato, how i’m bringing the pain
shadow clones, all these n-ggas the same
on my own time i been tweaking on tracks, k-on!
we been runnin up racks, k-mob
and i’m beating her back like a skullgirls
but she came buck for seconds, an encore

and i feel like death the kid, got double chops
bullets eat a n-ggas soul, it won’t be goin’ up to god
n-ggas talkin’ on my name, i wish ’em gone, they fairly odd
special beam, it send ’em to the spirit real, his body rot

ok all
these rappers ass ok
spittin’ up trash
i don’t mean to exaggerate
i won’t give dap
i won’t even collaborate
i put ’em in the past
give it time, they’ll evaporate
talk at rapid rates
flow eradicates
n-ggas stupid askin “please elaborate”
i’m thinking “like d-mn”
“ss it hard to understand you n-ggas are sh-t
we know ssj is the man”
stick slide like a dance, ayy
glock leave him in a trace, ayy
step, he don’t got a chance, ayy
yuh, your crew getting dropped
that boy got an ego, his head gettin’ popped
i feel like a god, i feel like i’m notch
i hang with the crew, i stay with the mob
i’m sick of this beat i tell it to stop

[verse 2]
creep in dead of night
pop out with a chop
it hit his head and now he out of sight
make sure that he dead
erode the body, nothing on the site
piece him up with lead
like writing papers, ink is bold tonight
karma hit his bones
we took his soul and now he see the light

i been goin up, never bought fame
yet i’m better than some of the top names
so when talkin’ ’bout me we are not same
if you playin’ with us, lost game
kta k!ll them all, golf w-ng
all my brothers gon’ ball, bron james
no we never gon’ fall, all gang
and i’m bringing it back in
cut ’em up, get done like a fraction
give a f-ck, i’m letting that mac spin
double up, it’s heat that i’m packing
level up, these n-ggas are hasbins
in a rut, they stuck in the trashbin
keep a buck, a ton that i’m stacking
all y’all suck, this sh-t is my passion

[verse 3]
eugh, gang n-gga
we be bumpin’ that sh-t, make the bass shiver
you get money, but i’m getting paid quicker
bullet rain on yo’ face, change figure
b-tch i’m leveling up, goku
shawty loving on me, im her go to
got a lotta new faces around here
get the f-ck out my sp-ce, i don’t know you
lets go back to the basics
i remember in middle school performing for talent shows
f-ck all that being famous
how you rappers the same
and you think that your sh-t gonna blow
swear you n-ggas the fakest, you a joke
ssj is the greatest, on my own
y’all just walk on my pavement
but who wouldn’t wanna mimic greatness
go ahead, go and bring my trophy
stay ahead, keep it on the lowkey
finna rock, b-tch i feel like bocchi
n-gga stop acting like you know me
get a bag, go and get some funds
n-ggas cap, you ain’t gettin’ none
n-ggas p-ssy, i knew that off the jump
i took a chance and you can see that i won
this sh-t is over, n-gga this sh-t is done



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