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letra de wounded potent (intro) - mimosa de valois


lump in my throat, bolstering my testimony made my heart jump
i´m waiting to bolter from the religious people´s judgment
my whole body is covered in aches, and they tell me it will be worst when it´s dust
they never look at their porches, and how they are covered in rust

from barely being touched
spirit´s were crushed
people leave the church when they don´t feel loved
they came to the hospital looking for blood transfer, but they weren´t given the blood needed for their heart to pump

our medicine is vainglorious love, the veins that bled dry for us would be stunned
if god wasn´t a doctor who has given to millions of people treatments
the religion chose who to save, so by the overlooked ones god was shunned
he loved us, so he gave us freedom, he made a wound in his potent
and look how human´s now made love something so corrupt

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