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letra de postmortem saints - marc with a c


[verse 1]
when you said you didn’t think i understood
i can confirm that you were sayin’ the truth
the world was more complex than the simple things we loved
if we were not adults we could have had a good run
and some would argue that you ran away
you’d likely say that i did the same
one of us moved out, one stayed in the same place
we can’t ask each other, we both got problems with our brains

you weren’t who you said you were on the inside
but you didn’t even know yourself that time
you weren’t who you said you were on the inside
and it must have been such h-ll for you, that i could not love you right

[verse 2]
when i would not come to the telephone
i didn’t know that you were why i had a home
family seemed obvious on how it should be run
you did your part to damage, but you believed your loved ones
and some would say that i ran away
n0body ever recognizes saints
not until they’re dead and gone and they can’t help you anymore
what did i do for them besides spread my broken home
it wasn’t what you said it was on the inside
you didn’t even know it yourself that time
you were not in my corner at the right time
yet i’m sorry, i apologize that i did not love you right

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