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letra de wnyu 89.1 freestyle 5-10-2000 – necro

shout out to all you dirt bags, nyu dirt bags
that’s right sc-m suckers – guess who’s in the house?
i came here to lace you, you pigs, you get laced
all you pigs

you’ve got a lot of pent up anger
i mean every week, every time you come back
it’s just, worse and worse (lots of anger)
first time you came you were a little, actually no
(aight, just let him do his thing)

lots of anger
yo, check it, you know i rap over my own beats, yknahmsayin?
check out, check out the website, check it all out
yknahmsayin? buy, buy stuff. we gon’ do it like this

check it, yo, yo
your annihilation is set for sure, no fighting
you’ll be deaded beheaded for biting
that’s a violation of necro law
don’t look at me leary, i really take that severely
you really think you won’t end up like jeff healy, barely
able to see me when you’re near me, jooks for dirty looks
me being shook of a wanna be crook? spare me
i got some serious faults, enslaving women in mysterious vaults
craving s-d-stic -ssaults, bathing your slit wrist in salt
shove an ice pick in your b-lls
you’ll seizure like a fiend going through sickness withdrawal
you diss, you realize you made a mistake
i’m like a razor blade in a cake
like being sprayed with raid in the face
while this beat is being played til you bleed with an earache
you’re afraid, walking through the gay parade is your fate
you won’t regret pumping a whole c-ssette — of morbid death
before you step, kid don’t forget necro’s a soldier vet
it’s difficult, not to leave you a stiff uh! check it
you all rot!… check it
it’s difficult not to leave you a stiff adult
if you riff with insults blood’ll be dripping with flows
once my instant impulse and my instinct, pumps me to flip out
i rip out your eyes when i’m under mephisto’s control
i just might rip open holes, as hemoglobin flows outta ya clothes
you’ll be choking while you’re smoking bowls
i spar to win, while your b-tch in the position god put you in
i’m focusing on butchering… check it
we warming up right now sc-m suckers

[mr. hyde]
black helicopters, go lace it necro!
mr. hyde here reppin it for him
it’s all over, necro’s in the grills of all of you

check it, check it
we gon’ do it like this, yo… for two-thousand (drop it!)

the best thing you could do is shut your mouth
or i’ll have digestin putrid glue
your intestines pukin investing in your future’s through
shape up as soon as possible, you could get sent to a hospital
with a dent in you, i’m demented, i’m philosophical
every killer’s glock is full — cause life is filled with obstacles
it’s optimal, to pop your skull
you don’t wanna see necro’s spine bludgeoned or dismembered
and shut up and help me find something kid i’ve lost my temper
necro’s the savior that will deprave ya, mentally enslave ya
control your behavior like xavier
don’t get into a disagreement with a s-d-stic demon
that’ll rip your cl-toris like a drink and p-ss european
force you to swallow a bottle of listerine
and it’s probably only a misdemeanor to chop you and split your spleen
i’m usually unhappy, i usually have people angry at me
flipping like an evil gang of iraqi’s
but i’m kill you like i’m g-ngb-nging with khaki’s
cuz you’re like pataki to cats slanging the crack
to stack g’s you try to out burst, and i respond quick
and knock you out first, cuz i’m beyond sick, like a convict

death rap, you get your head cracked, can’t mess with that
switch the beat up, switch the beat up again
necro shirts coming at you,
you better rock ’em or else you’ll be rocking blood!
we droppin different verse, we droppin different verses
on different necro productions, you sc-m suckers
you get torn apart!

yo, you’d better change your habits,
before someone blows the brains out your cabbage
cover you frame before a stranger arranges to stab it
your life’ll contain dangerous havoc, when a deranged savage
playing games sends you a plain package of maggots
and i hope you’re the next that’s killed
how can i show you kindness when you’re spineless
i only respect the ill
i think negatively, i’m a regular mega sickly
psycho strictly, giggly when you’re begging to live g
i’ll leave you like the legs of a crippled bee
dead your little seed force you to watch a pregnant b-tch bleed
if you practice swinging axes, the fact is
you’ll almost subtract a chance of getting jacked by these crackheads
cats that wanna see you with cracked ribs
captive in a bas-m-nt with your face taped out your back kid
playa haters are actors, that actually act attractive in your grill
but deep down they’re naturally plastic

playa gaters die! you rot slow
you come to the in-store you sc-m bag and show support
buy t-shirts, buy t-shirts may 15th
right now, i’m just droppin little verses on you cats (it’s all over)
give you a little flavor cause it’s all for free
i should be selling this right now
but straight up y’all get free stuff
independent (cause we love underground heads)
when you buy necro stuff, necro gets 10 dollars from it
you buy major label stuff they get a dollar! (that’s right)
and the rest goes to some cat you don’t know
(buy bubblegum with that)
so support, check it, we drop a p-rn verse for riz
check it we do it like this…
p-rn p-rn, yo, yo,

my breast filled orgies, iller than porky’s
women can’t keep they hands off me
i murder v-g-n-s, i kill ’em softly
there’s nothing more beautiful than your skin nude
but i can’t count how many times you’ve been screwed
and if you’re listening then you’re a thin prude
soon enough you’ll get you skin consued by a dude
cause young cats will put some euphanol in your food
and penetrate you r-ct-m with their members they’ll intrude
something you’ll never forget
you said you’ve never swallowed ever before
now endeavor you’ll forever give better head
put on your leather corset, give you a medical check
your v-g-n- stinks, freshen it up, get it correct
you could get, deaded in a sec
punched in your face, beaten to death
some men like that better than s-x
my dialect’s colder than weather in quebec
cuz honey you’re so disgusting you couldn’t get it erect
ww dot, necrohiphop, buy stuff or get your whole brain d-mn chopped
ww dot, necrohiphop dot com
buy stuff or get your whole d-mn skull chopped [echoes]

- letras de necro