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letra de the jackson 5 medley – michael jackson

i want you back

when i had you to myself

i didn’t want you around

those pretty faces always made you

stand out in a crowd

then someone picked you from the bunch

one glance was all it took

now it’s much too late for me

to take a second look

oh, baby, give me one more chance

(to show you that i love you)

won’t you please let me

(back in your heart)

oh, darling, i was blind to let you go

(let you go, baby)

but now since i see you in his arms

i want you back

yes, i do now (i want you back)

ooh, ooh, baby (i want you back)

yeah, yeah, yeah (i want you back)

now, now, now

the love you save

when we played tag in grade school

you wanted to be it

but chasin’ boys was just a fad

you crossed your heart, you’d quit

when we grew up you traded

your promise for my ring

now just like back in grade school

you’re doing the same old thing

stop, the love you save maybe your own

darlin’ take it slow

or some day you’ll be all alone

(you better stop)

(the love you save maybe your own)

darlin’ look both ways before you cross me

you’re heading for a danger zone

i’ll be there

you and i must make a pact

we must bring salvation back

where there is love

i’ll be there

(i’ll be there)

i’ll reach out my hand to you

i’ll have faith in all you do

just call my name and i’ll be there

(i’ll be there)

i’ll be there to comfort you

build my world of dreams around you

i’m so glad that i found you

i’ll be there

with a love that’s strong

i’ll be your strength

i’ll keep holdin’ on, ooh

(holding on)

if you should ever find someone new

i know he’d better being good to you

’cause if he doesn’t

i’ll be there (i’ll be there)

don’t you know, baby, yeah, yeah

i’ll be there

i’ll be there

just call my name and i’ll be there

just look over your shoulders, honey, ooh

i’ll be there

i’ll be there

just call my name, and i’ll be there

- letras de michael jackson