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letra de talking shit – necro

temar, slobber t-ts sh-t check it, its all abnout joe’s grill, its all about
sbas mom. satan. shout out to my peep, shout out to my boy satan. check it
beat to this sh-t, where; s the kid joe. f-ckin bestards? where’s joey. we do
it like this for temar.

you on some rifter sh-t while i rock raps like velvo
its celtic temar’s t-ts belge bangin the ground over the belt
my russian sl-ts love me the kings highway c-nts
dead and devour my jewish c-m all at once
salive, aids my condomless c-ck was made
for groupies in cinnamon bun tw-ts a gia prop
nike’s and roccawear shorts a sean john shirt
bandana head band linked ready to flirt
like georgetown’s rover we keep it gully
like fantasia bendin over she’ll end up in a coma
my gun shoots like mr. midget’s custom made boots
one’s bigger than the other duke
there’s nothing like the kid joe in oyur crib ready to take a sh-t
he’ll sh-t on your floor and won’t acknowledge what he did
3 years in the hole god gave a woman a hole
so she could stuff it with a pole
shout out to ming upstate its all about $40 meals
and prag flicks from yako its wholesale deals
our like reno with the bubble goose
ding diamond shirt cocaine punch and mad juice
what happened to ilyan kid you female dogs
smell my -sshole it stinks like a morgue
ching cat soon goes a shrimp topura
ask the owner to spend mroe than you can afford to
me so so me so h-rney
green teeth $5 delivery for me
we hate f-ckin cops, you’re a disgrace
like ming corp suckin c-ck, and he’s a waste
i rep it like tony’s karate flick collection
amazing like aaron cohen’s hairdo its destined
uncle howie’s apartment stunk like sh-t
during the filming of i need drugs you would have puked kid
he’s drawers full of roaches smellin like excretion
a crack hotel in modakai you can’t beat it
did i forget to mention pearl’s t-ts?
they’re like larry gorgon’s s-m-n, they’re almost perfect
them sh-ts drip down to her hips stretch marks and milk
love or guilt low self esteem and suicide sh-t
you trapped in your crib like nucia dodgin bullets
your son’s in belview p-wn you better pull it
some repeat sh-t my slobber slang got me walkin the streets
like i’m zeke booger changin cuz life is cheap
it’s alla bout the kid joe’s life
eyebrow’s connecting large t-ts and his fat f-cking wife

yo i’m tlaking sh-t, i’m talkin sh-t kid i’m tlakin sh-t, that’s what i’m doing
i’m talkin sh-t. i’m talkin sh-t, yo i’m talkin sh-t. this whole rap is me
talking f-ckin sh-t. yo i’m talkin sh-t, kid i’m talkin sh-t. kid i’m tlakin
sh-t hey i’m talkin sh-t. i’ll talk sh-t about you and your whole crew. kid i’m
tlakin sh-t now eat my doodoo. kid i’m talkin sh-t, yea i’m tlakin sh-t.
hahahahahahahahahahaha i’m talkin sh-t. yes i’m tlakin sh-t. i’m talkin sh-t.
hahahahahahahahahaha i’m talkin sh-t. kid we’re talkin sh-t, we’re talkin sh-t.
you wille at f-ckin sh-t, you will eat my sh-t. shshshshshshshssh-t! eat my
sh-t hahahahahaha! eat my sh-t ehehehehehehe! eat my sh-t eat my sh-t. please
eat my sh-t sh-t sh-t sh-t sh-t sh-t sh-t sh-t sh-t sh-t you eat my sh-t. eat
my sh-t, you will eat sh-t. b-tch -ss mother f-cker’s i sh-t on you, new
compositions all freestyles. die

- letras de necro