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letra de something i’m not – reggie & the full effect


bide yourr time
and consider that
whatever you need now
is whatever you needed to pretend
whenever the same four words
fall again on my hand
i start to shake
and tell myself
that this is what it takes
to be that man

and i? m starting to remind myself
of something i? m not
and it? s starting to remind me that
i can never change
the way that i am

pulling back
remit your false impressions
that never helped you to climb
the taller ladders
but i never feel that right
or will be ever again
i? ve started and stopped
and tell myself
that never again
will i understand


i never thought that
i would take this bet
am i living now?
it? s too insane
i always thought
i? m here
to follow yours
and that i? d
take you down
and into my peers
bring it out
it might exist
baby the
and tough kids
i always thought i would
and live to see the
tragic fate


the way that i
the way that i
the way that i am