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letra de it’s a setup – bootleg

[bootleg] (talkin)
what tha f-k goin on…..d-mn……
what tha f-k imma do now?…its f-cked up

chorus: [tommy gun&big] (repeat 2x)
its a setup its a jack its a lick
these n-gg-z tryin to stick me fa my shyt its a setup.
a setup betta notify tha click
some d-cks bout ta run up in they shyt.

the police had my house surronded
the body that i hid them b-tches musta found it…f-ck,
i grabbed my bottled said a prayer i broke the cap and downed it
i had a vision my decsion was to load my heat
iif i here dey feet i’m holdin court right here on dayton street
the copas gatherin they chatterin one lady said
“the only way you gettin him out that house is if he come out dead”
ya f-ckin right tha shyt is tight when you tha trigga man
before i goto prison b-tch i’m goin to the promise land
don’t show yo badge
whip ya postiols before you get my dough
2cops shot him 2cops its time for me to buc some mo (gun shots)
they got me pacin,facin natural for murder 1
the only charges i’mma face are charges from this gun.
antispatin all this waitin made me grab tha plate
i’m thinkin to myself i shoulda dumped that b-tch in devils lake
police negotiater tellin me to come out slowly
i c-cked my shyt looked out my window and them hoes is steppin.
i opened fire threw my dough and made them b-tches flea
one of them fell and i could tell i bust him in his knee
nothin to do put hit purea cuz i’mma die no doubt.
my first thought was n-gg- don’t get sniped
turn all these house lights out.
layin on the floo high on blow my eyes big and buckey.
the sounds of semi-automatics rifles kept me duckin.
let me go i crawled and got my uzzie
i came out tha house they got me


they caught a mothaf-ka slippin
some n-gg-z tryin to jack this rap capones mission.
tupac always said “neva leave out with out that steel”
i shoulda listened
i left it in the kitchen like a dumby
to busy cookin dope and checkin my b-tch from stealin money from me
“b-tch where my money at”
i was on my way to drop some money and some yay
[some b-tch] “ay that mothaf-ka got dope on ya’ll”
and that was clear as day.
i’m bein followed by threee n-gg-z in a cutty
i’m nervous i got 18 ounces on me and stacks of money.
d-mn,they in prusuit.fa my loot,
shyt i left my gun at home
f-ck that let me get my brotha on his mobile phone
i make tha call he wasn’t home
now i’m crummy
i worked to hard to let these b-tches take it from me.
i had a thought shyt put the pedal to tha floo,
oh no cuz if tha law come i’ll be taken a loss fa sho
picked up the phone called shoestring
“ay some n-gg-z followin me can i come by ya house”
[shoestring] “come on”
and i’m gonna kill these b-tches with this mac i’m holdin
i bust a left and then i right now i’m jus 3 blocks away
commin up tha block
theres h-lla gangstas standin out in his drive way
some sistahs with no resisitances started blastin
i’m d-mn near ran into a pole
i can see tha cutl-ss is crashin
i bust u and threw my goodies to my homies
told em let me see that mac eleven
let me see who tha f-ck is creepin on me
open tha door “b-tches get out”
i got no responces
cuz the driver hit his head on the wheel
and he was knocked un-concious.
the other two they came slowly from the vehicle,
my stanky b-tches brotha this is str8 setup material

chorus 4x

- letras de bootleg