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letra de don’t try to ruin it – necro


[kid joe]
wish you knew her
it’s me and necro
wish you knew her
it’s me and necro, it’s joe kid
we’re in the studio
with joe guido, john gotti
me and necro
we threw a party like john gotti
whats up f-ckin tw-ty
you f-ckin snitch
i ain’t feel you f-ckin b-tch

kid joe sh-t

[kid joe]
f-ckin fritch
it’s game over
it’s the friiiitch

i watch your face blossom with zits
disgustin like slobber’s t-ts
like howie’s d-ck rubbin up kasha’s cl-t
natasha dean natelli rap
some kid joe tourette talk
your sh-t stinks like smelly furtado’s crack
give up or get stuck rubber
you know the squadron
they call me mephisto aka tony robbins
also known don leu brae
my napoleon hill knowledge got me a million dollars
i got my c-ck in your v-g-n- like a pocket
you rockin ricky rocket drum kits
i got that bill ward sh-t you dumb b-tch
you get the new nikes in your -ss
late nights on 8 fast
scopin the fix
cheap hookers that need to take a bath
it’s -n-l blitzkrieg til you bleed
jerkin off like christophe
b-tch you’ll choke and cough on c-m then f-ck a dwarf
i’m reppin new york like tema’s warts
i got your brain on the end of my fork – blendin the pork
pepperoni pizza grease on the t-ts of a sl-t
it’s all about the kid joe rockin a peter north cut
the john gotti hair-do is immaculate
favorite slang – got cats flippin the guido g-ngb-ng

[kid joe x4]
it’s kid joe and necro in the studio doin it
don’t try to ruin it

i’m about to rock a lexus
so spread your legs b-tch
wash the sc-m out of your hair with nexus
i rep sh-t
like maria anferriette
it’s about polish maids
and mitch already told you about homemade blades
shout out to ill bill and uncle chris
and weena reppin florida
drive around pumpin foreigner
twenty million like journey
my acapellas like stellar
holdin out on the p-ssy
corroded v-g-n-s in the cellar
some ????? sh-t to make ya cl-t drip
tell me what you know about some sinski
and i’ll give you cats a brick
i’m like artie’s eyeball trapped in the socket
hydroponic grown in the closet
500 guns now try to stop it
joe’s last words 50 million and boulian
gold guido deck rockin gotti rouge and the moulin
i got t-ts hangin from jackets
toni iomi fashion fringes
and polynesian mammaries are like mingez

[kid joe x6]
it’s kid joe and necro in the studio doin it
don’t try to ruin it

get lit uuuuuup!

- letras de necro